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Pebbles are derived from the fragmentation of different types of rock. Their shape depends on the rock of origin: those derived from porphyry or granite are more oblong and more or less sphere-shaped, and they are commonly used for the paving of old towns and in the exterior finishings of villas, flowerbeds, and parks.


Porfidi - Natural, international
Porfidi - Natural, international

Grit and draining paving

Porphyry grit is used for dry gardens and draining pavings, which are inspired by Zen and Karesansui gardens, and which are also enhanced by the presence of decorative monolith stones in both private and public areas.

This kind of use is very evocative, modern, and minimalist altogether: not only is it a cheap solution, but it is also a good alternative to the classic garden in areas that suffer from lack of water.


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