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Porphyry kerbstones are derived from large blocks of various sizes, and are used to border pavements, steps, edgings, and so on. These are all solid elements, which exposed part can be both split and sawn and then finished with different methods.

According to the production method used, the head (i.e. the top of the kerbstone), the sides (the faces perpendicular to the setting bed), the foot (the face opposite the head), and the joints (the faces that interface with those of the other blocks) can be obtained either by splitting or by sawing. These are the types of kerbstones available:

  • Split head kerbstones, width cm 5-10
  • Natural cleft head kerbstones with sawn sides, width cm 10-12-15
  • Kerbstones with sawn and finished head and sawn sides, width cm 10-12-15


Split head kerbstones

Natural cleft head kerbstones with sawn sides

Kerbstones with sawn and flamed surface and sides

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