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Stardust porphyry is a masterpiece of refinement and elegance, consisting in magnificent slabs obtained from monolithic blocks – the result is a real carpet of stardust. Great mastery and professional skills are required to create elements that are perfect in their finishing touch.

Stardust porphyry is the name given to products with processed surface intended for indoor and outdoor paving, and for any kind of specific finishing, such as floors, cladding, floating floors, ventilated façades, contoured shape finishing, steps, window sills and interior decoration elements such as kitchen and washroom basin tops.

Porfidi - Natural, internationa, chic -Cubico irregular
Porfidi - Natural, international
Colore A - Porfidi Srl


Colore A - Porfidi Srl


Case history

Maso Franch

(Trento, Italy)

Colour F

Paving and steps with Argentinian porphyry slabs

Graveyard of Laives

(Bolzano, Italy)

Colour G – 1500 mq
Paving and cladding with Argentinian porphyry slabs

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