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Natural cleft surface

Some porphyry products with natural cleft surface used for slab paving and sett paving can be used also for outdoor cladding for façacades and walls in different contexts – residential, urban, and civil.

Outdoor cladding is characterized by colours too, which make every project unique.

Porfidi S.r.l. suggests the following products:

Porfidi - Natural, international


Selection of slabs with natural cleft surface corresponding to precise characteristics. The type “FINE”, with thickness cm 1,5-3, is the most suitable for wall cladding.

Porfidi - Natural, international


Rectangular-shaped tiles with natural cleft surface, sawn edges, sharp-cut corners, and edges perpendicular to the plane. They are available in different dimensions with random or, on request, fixed length.

The gallery shows some works in which our porphyry plays the main role with its colours and the way it is laid in outdoor contexts. Porphyry cladding looks rough and yet exclusively modern.
Porfidi - Natural, international - Sestino rustico rivestimento

Cubico regular

Porfidi - Natural, international - Sestino plus rivestimento

Palladium Opus Incertum

Porfidi - Natural, international - Facciavista tranciato rivestimento
Palladium Plus

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