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About us

Our History

Born in 2015, Porfidi S.r.l. aims at rationalising and innovating the sale of porphyry and natural stones overall. Our company is part of the renowned Stenico group, founded in 1980 and based on more than 40 years of experience and on a widespread network of international competences, collaborations with well-known architects, and the realisation of important works. At its second generation, Porfidi S.r.l. is nowadays known for being a cutting-edge leader in the production and sale of any kind of porphyry.

Porfidi - Natural, international

Its young, dynamic, and flexible structure is shaped on ahead management models and points to provide Italian and foreign structures overall with quality services.

Porfidi S.r.l. gives its clients certain answers: they are supplied with a thorough service of consulence related to the choice of the material, the colour, and the best setting pattern. Our main goal is to satisfy our clients, from the smallest to the biggest projects.

Porfidi S.r.l., the only company managing our own quarries in Italy, Mexico, and Argentina, offers its clients a 360° service: extraction, working through Steinex’s splitting machines, sale, and installation.

Porfidi S.r.l. sells its products all over the world. In addition to porphyry from Italy (Trentino), Argentina (Patagonia), and Mexico, Porfidi S.r.l. offers also other kinds of natural stones.

Porfidi - Natural, international
Porfidi - Natural, international

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