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Cladding with split-face porphyry

This kind of cladding is produced by compression-splitting of poprhyry tiles using Steinex’ hydraulic presses. Their exposed edge is ashlar-worked, while the upper and lower surface are natural cleft. They are broadly used for cladding bearing walls or for façades for building elements.

Porfidi S.r.l. suggests the following products for outdoor cladding :

Porfidi - Natural, international - Outdoor paving


Smolleri (narrow bricks) of variable height with lower and upper natural cleft surface, and a visible split edge. Laid in parallel rows, they are suitable for cladding walls and façades.

Porfidi - Natural, international - Outdoor paving


Tiles with different height and depth, their lower and upper surfaces are natural cleft, their exposed edge is naturally split while the one behind is sawn.

Porfidi - Natural, international - Outdoor paving


The gallery shows some works in which our porphyry plays the main role with its colours and the way it is laid in outdoor contexts. Porphyry cladding looks rough and yet exclusively modern.
Porfidi - Natural, international - Sestino rustico
Sestino rustico
Porfidi - Natural, international - Sestino plus
Sestino plus
Porfidi - Natural, international - Split face stones
Split face stones

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