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Our Argentinian porphyry is extracted in the quarries located at about 75 km from Puerto Madryn, in the Patagonian province of Chubut. Here the quarries cover an area of thousands of hectares.

In the same area there are both stratified porphyry – mixed grey coloured (Colour A) and mixed red coloured (Colour B) – and monolithic porphyry “Stardust”. From the latter, big porphyry blocks are extracted: thanks to disk-sawing, it is possible to obtain slabs of different thickness.

Argentinian porphyry
Stardust porphyry features both grey tones with ash-grey bursts (Colour F) and brown-grey hues (Colour G). The surface of the slabs, obtained by sawing of the blocks, can be flamed, brushed, sand-blasted, honed and polished.

Argentinian quarry

Colour A, colour B

Argentinian quarry

Colour F, colour G

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